Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Miracles occur all around us everyday.  Many times I’m awed by the way God moves in the world, making our lives fall into place.  We may have to exercise patience and wait for a very long time, but in the end God causes all things to work together for our good.  
Sometimes God performs amazing miracles for us by bringing a friend or spouse into our lives.  But he also works everyday miracles that many people call “coincidence” —just little things.  For example, the other day I dropped my car keys in the “black hole” in my car, as our family calls it.  That’s the area between the front seat and the middle console in my SUV.  And what do you know—I found a Visa bill that escaped me when I put my fistful of envelopes in the mailbox.  The payment was late, but thank goodness I found it in that black chasm in which no one bothers to look because it sucks up everything that falls in.  
Often I hesitate to ask God for frivolous concerns because I feel guilty when there are starving people in the world.  But sometimes when I’m desperate, I bow my head, fold my little hands,  and reverently ask God to help me find silver shoes to go with the dress I’m wearing to the Junior Cotillion tomorrow night.  That evening on the news I may see refugees fleeing their war-torn country, and I humbly pray for forgiveness for my shameless materialism. However, a friend opened my eyes today.  She said, “Maybe it’s true that God doesn’t care about your silver shoes—but He cares about YOU.”  
If I stay close to God, I become aware that His guiding hand is closer than I realize.  The other day the Creator of the universe helped me make it to the cleaners in five minutes during rush hour because I forgot to pick up a shirt my husband needed the next day.   Closing time was 6:00, and I was five minutes late, but guess what?  The teenager behind the counter who is usually in her Honda kissing her boyfriend at 5:55 was texting and kept the door open an extra five minutes.  
Look for the “coincidences” throughout your day, and thank God for the trivial things that just seem to work out.  Whether your difficulty is a divorce or waiting in the drive-thru, God meets us right where we are.  He has a thousand ways to open a thousand doors to create exactly the right path for us, however crooked it may be.  The Ruler of time and space can perform the inconsequential or the impossible.  After all, keeping a 16-year-old away from her boyfriend HAS to up there miracle-wise with healing the lepers.

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  1. Cathy, I loved this. So well written and oh how I can relate! :)