Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And You Wonder Why I'm Frazzled

And You Wonder Why I’m Frazzled
OK. I’m sitting at my kitchen counter at my computer, where my kids say I always am.  I’m looking up, grasping for just the right word to put in my Best Seller.  And I see this!  

It is a pen nestled into the glass bulb of my kitchen light fixture.  I wonder who the #%** did that!!!   I pulled it out and of course the pen is burned.  I was so shocked at the GENIUS of whoever did it that I had to share it.  

So I put the pen back in there and ran for my camera.  

By the time I came back, the thing was smoking (look closely).  I’m sorta  like those people on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” where a bear has Darryl trapped up a tree and the reason the video is on TV is on account of his friend, Bubba, running to get the video camera instead of helping him.  That’s a TRUE friend.  He figures he’ll give Daryll half the money he wins on the show, heck.  That’ll buy a buttload of Skoal.
It's kind’a like this guy who runs to get the camera when his forest ranger colleague is fixin’ to be bear meat.

So I get the camera when my house is getting ready to catch fire.  I mean, I had a fire extinguisher right there that I bought after candles, glued into my daughter's styrofoam advent wreath, ignited the whole thing and burned a big black hole on our kitchen table.  I wonder if I can sue the Sunday school teacher who had THAT bright idea for damages and mental anguish.

So anyhoo, I can only imagine what would’ve happened if I’d have left the house with the light on.  Or when only my kids were home.  I need a case of Chardonnay and an IV.


  1. Hahah! Oh my gosh, I am SUCH that kind of person! When my kids get in a pickle, I run for the camera!!! When they're stuck somewhere, I get the camera- as long as no one is really hurt that is. LOL. I totally identify! Love the post. Hilarious.

  2. mysteriously my camera has disappeared uuuugh! My kids just hate when I try to get them in the act of all things crazy. Glad you found the pen, good luck finding the culprit who thought it would be a "BRIGHT" idea.

  3. Oh I get that! We had one of those moments last week when my oven element caught on fire. Thank goodness I was standing right there and isaw it start. I leave things baking all of the time...could have been bad.

  4. To I'm Not a Volano: Thanks for reading! You've got to have proof that they did all those crazy things. Forgot to take a picture when my daughter decided it would be fun to get inside the laundry chute. Got stuck of course. Had to get a little leverage to pull out 11 yr old dead weight! 11 yrs. old - shouldn't they know better? :)

  5. To Life it Happens in Oceanside: Yes, glad I found it. Who would say to themselves, "This looks like a good idea???" Thanks for reading!

  6. To Val Curtis: I hear you. The time when my table caught on fire was terrifying. I just so happened to come in the kitchen before it was too late!! Thanks so much for reading!

  7. cheers... I will bring the glasses!
    Amen sister .

    1. aseedinspired, thanks for commenting! Usually I don't even use glasses. I wrote about Prozac Barbie not using glasses either! Read post on August 20, 2012. HA!!

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