Tuesday, November 16, 2010

As He Kisses Me Good-bye

     This poem is a follow up to my last post.  Yesterday I watched a slide show of my little nephew playing his first year of football in pads.  I wrote about my own son as he played football for the first time and how he grew up so fast.   This is part of a poem I wrote during that time10 years ago.

As He Kisses Me Good-bye

He’s six and plays his football games
on manly, sacred ground.
I’m watching him explore this new
fraternity he’s found.
He swaggers away and I wonder
how a boy can change so fast.
Yet when the game is done, the battlescars
are tended upon my lap.
He hugs his thanks and meets my eye,
as his friends are watching nearby,
and I try not to cry and I’m thankful at least
that he kisses me good-bye.
God has given me this precious boy
to love and keep for awhile.
I did nothing to deserve his heart
or earn his sunny smile.
Lord, take my hand more tightly as
his sweet hand falls from mine,
and You nudge me to let go of his
and cling some more to Thine.
He’ll need me even more as he
sprouts his wings to fly.
And I’ll try not to cry but be thankful at least
that he kisses me good-bye. 

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