Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Less of Me, More of You

May there be LESS of me, less of my complaining, less of my demands to know why, to know when;
                        less of my pleas for you to come and fix my life,
                             and more OF a desperate yearning to know you.
                                    When there is less of ME and more of you, I am surrendering.  How can I hold back anything from my Lord who, with tenderest love, looks in my eyes and holds my face in his nail-scarred hands and
                                                     asks, "Do you trust Me?"
"Yes, my Lord.  Help me trust you 
                             MORE.  You can put anything in
                    or take anything out OF my life,
                                                             anything YOU wish — just carry me."
May I drop to my knees in surrender to One who has more glorious plans for me than I could ever obtain by having my own way,
                               glorious plans that are manifested when I make my goal
                                                        Less of Me — More of You.


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