Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween—Chubby Hands and Candy Pails

     I'm a little late for Halloween, but I want to share a excerpt from a poem I wrote about my children when they were about 6, 4, and 2 years old. In anticipation of their magical transformation to pirates and princesses, they donned their costumes about four hours before we trekked out to trick-or-treat.  There they were—my swarthy pirate ready for dangerous adventure, and my princesses twirling in circles in one high heel, clutching sippy-cups, asking me if they look EXACTLY like "Cindawella".  I cherished all of it in my heart because I knew in a moment their chubby little hands would clutch car keys instead of candy pails.
     Ten years later my girls, 14 and 12, still enjoy dressing up, but they're off roaming the neighborhoods with their friends.  My husband and I roam around looking for something to do!

Beware my mighty little pirate,
brandishing his wobbly scabbard,
snarling through his red 
Gatorade mustache.


Pirates and Princesses

* This is an excerpt ----

My little pirate checks his look in the mirror
     and isn't bothered a bit that his black-marker mustache
is eclipsed by his Gatorade one.
     With his trusty scabbard, the world is his own.

My princess clack-clacks down the stairs with a golden gown,
     Barbie high heels, and small sparkling gloves.
She isn't bothered a bit that her crown slips down over one eye
     as she bounds over the last three steps.....

May her every pumpkin turn into a gleaming coach,
     and may she find glass slippers in the most unexpected places.


God bless you today.  May you find magic in the smallest events in your life....

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