Saturday, December 22, 2012

Up, Up, and Away in a Manger

I'm reposting a short poem inspired by a picture of my son, at about 10 months old, sitting on Santa's lap.  He looked up at Santa as if he was wondering, "Who the heck are you?"  Then I started thinking about how very young children are probably confused about the whole Santa and Jesus thing.  Here's my interpretation of their confusion....

Mommy brought me in with her
To say hello to you.
But I’m not sure about this , Sir,
“Just what is it you do?”

Mommy said you were born on Christmas day
And you fly with reindeer too,
Bringing gift to girls and boys
Like the Wisemen brought to you.
Daddy said to ask you for things I want
And not be naughty, but nice,
And remember to thank you for all you brought
When I pray and close my eyes.
Sir, I’m not sure what it is you do,
But Mommy always talks to you.
Mom and Dad believe in you 
And they said that I should too.
So, Sir, put in your sleigh some trucks and trains
When from Bethlehem you come.
Dad knows you can do ANYTHING —
‘Cause you brought ME to him and mom.

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