Sunday, May 26, 2013

27 Ways Cats Are Like Teenagers . . .Part 1

27 Ways Cats are Like Teenagers: Part 1

"How can I impress upon you how much I REALLY don’t care?"

Squirting them in the face with water to reverse a bad habit rarely works.

"LMMTC (Let me make this clear):  I am better/smarter/cooler than you."

Often hiss when you touch them. 

"Sometimes I just go bat-crazy.  Mostly because everything bores me.  And because of  your incessant need to be up in my bizness."

Like for you to leave food out for them all the time.

“It doesn’t constitute an emergency unless it pertains to me.”'t+care

Could sleep 20 hours a day.

Like to sit on the kitchen counters and hoods of cars.

“I’ve got an idea. How ‘bout I act like I don’t know you?”

Are unemployed.

“You do NOT own me.”

"You can touch me WHEN I want, WHERE I want, and to what DEGREE I want.  When I’m done, I will let you know."

Never know where they are.

Rarely communicate.

When they do, they barely open their mouths.

Live for revenge.

When you return from a trip, they think/say, “Oh . . . you were you gone?”

Denial is their favorite pastime.

After breaking stuff, act like nothing is unusual when human slaves get home.

Do not like bringing in groceries. 

Wish they had thumbs/more thumbs.

"I am not sorry for what I (allegedly) did, and I have no regrets."

Cone of shame doesn't work.

"If something unusual happens while you are gone, it is not my fault.  And I plan to do it again tomorrow."

Have incredible skills at things that won't make any money.

Will often pin you down and fart on your head.


  1. I thought the first pic was very funny...but the one of the nail-filing cat was hilarious. (Actually, they all were great. Loved spa cat, too.)

  2. Ha! Thanks Julie. Looking for all those photos online is addicting!