Monday, November 19, 2012

What Mothers Say

What Mothers Say

Go on, walk to Daddy.
Please go to sleep, angel.
Go get me another diaper.
Go play on the slide.
Do you need to go potty? 
Go knock on the door and say “Trick or Treat!”

Go put away your toys.
Go watch Barney.
Please go play!  Mommy’s tired!
Go on in the classroom.
Go say hi to her.
Go sit on Santa’s lap.
Don’t go out too far.
Go do your homework.
Go ask dad.
Are you going on a field trip?  Sure, I’ll drive.
Go get your soccer bag.  No, I don’t know where it is.
Take it with you when you go. 
Why should I go to school to bring it to you?  I reminded you ten times.
Go get one out of Lost & Found.  I’m not buying another.
You need to go up a size. 
Go do your chores.

Do you want to go to the movies?  No, I don’t have to stay.
When are you going to team camp?  No, I know you don’t want me to drive.
No, you can’t go with Hannah on Spring Break.
Go take off your outfit.  You’re not wearing that.
And that skirt doesn’t go in the floor.
Will you go to the grocery for me?  Take my car.
You’re not going to the party!
All those clothes on the floor don’t go in the dirty clothes hamper.
Go get your money.  You can pay for it.
Buying Chanel requires that you go get a job.
Who are you going with to the prom?
Let’s go shopping for a dress.
You’re not going anywhere until you pick up these clothes.
Are you going out again?  I just gave you money yesterday.
Do you know where you want to go to college?  
Why don’t you stay in tonight?
Stay under the speed limit.
Your hands stay on the wheel, sister!
Stay strong.
Stay off the phone!
Why do you stay in your room all the time?
Will you stay near the dressing room and give me your advice? 
Stay with your sister.
Stay away from him.
Stay focused.
If your grades don’t stay up, the phone is mine!
Why do you have to stay for detention again?
Yes, you have to stay for the study session. 
You’re staying in tonight!
Stay true to yourself.
Are you staying at Sarah’s?
Stay in touch.  And you better answer your phone.
Don’t stay up all night.
Please stay awake.  It’s a long drive.  Do you need money?
Stay aware of your surroundings.
Is he going to stay for dinner?
Don’t stay if they’re drinking.
Stay calm.  I’m coming.
Stay on top of your college applications.
Stay positive.

Do you want to visit and stay in the dorm?
Stay close to God.
Are you staying in the sorority house?
Stay and watch The Notebook with me one last time. 
You’ll always stay my little girl.
Stay sweet, honey.
Is it time to go already?
Please. Stay.


  1. Encouraging them to go. Telling them not to go. Wishing they could stay. The timeline of life. THis brought tears to my eyes at the end....and my daughter is only seven.

  2. Thanks Julie. My girls are 16 and 14. One more year of high school for the oldest. Don't know what I'm gonna do! Thanks for commenting!

  3. WOW! I think I have said more than half them! My daughter is 26 and I now have a grandbaby who will be a year tomorrow. i will have to forward this list to her! BTW High School Graduation was like a huge shock to me, then when she actually packed up the car to go off to College! I did have to giggle at the part about watching the Notebook (that is such a tearful movie), she bought me Gone With The Wind and Scarlet DVD's when she came home for Christmas. We spent an entire day watching them!

  4. Victoria, sounds like you have a wonderful daughter! I hope my girls are sweet like that in college! My son is a freshman in college , but he needed to get away. The girls will be another story. I'll need to be heavily medicated. :)
    Thanks so much for commenting! Glad to know someone is reading!
    Cathy, The Frazzled Mom