Tuesday, October 23, 2012

11 Excuses Teenagers Use To Get Out of Doing Chores

"Don't Make Me Come Back There" Tuesday

11 Excuses Teenagers Use To Get Out of Doing Chores

11.  I have to get something to eat!  (Moan!)  You don’t expect me to work when I’m starving, do you?  (Surveying pantry) Why do we always have the gross low-fat Oreos?  Are you trying to tell me I’m fat?  Can you go get some real ones?!   

10.  (After eating) I have to go to the bathroom. (Take a school book.  When parental unit says, “Get out of the bathroom!” I say, “I’m not done, and besides, I’m doing my homework.”)

9.   When you asked me Friday if I had homework, I forgot I have three papers due Monday.  One’s about “work ethic,” or something stupid.  I’ve really gotta get started on them after I get something to eat.  Do we have any real Oreos?


8.   Uuuuuugghhhh!  Mom, I didn’t know there was a time limit!!  You’ve got to trust me to do it after I download these songs!  I have to make a CD to play over the speaker while we warm up for our soccer game.  So I have to text everybody to see what songs they like.  

     Parental unit says, “You mean you’ve gotta text the players?”  

     “Uuuuugggghhh! No mom!  You never listen!  I’ve got to text everyone because everyone’s coming to the game and I want them to like it too.” 


7.   (An hour later) I had trouble with iTunes.  I’m probably going to have to download my whole library of songs again, plus some more.  I'm going to need your credit card number, m'kay?

6.   Have you seen the workout our basketball coach gave us to do in our spare time?  I don’t have ANY other spare time because I’m meeting Ashley at 4:00 to get ready for the football game.  It’s NOT my fault!

5.   I’ve got to meet Ashley, Ashley, and Heather to work on our vinegar and baking soda car for physics.  By the way, you need to take me to get some vinegar and baking soda and a plastic bottle to use for a car, some wheels, and zebra duct tape and a feather to decorate it.  Those are the parts I have to bring.

4.    I was coughing all night and I have a horrible headache. (Moan) I’m probably getting allergic because you made me pull weeds yesterday.  Do you see my eyes?  I’ve got to get some rest before Ashley picks me up.  Why don’t we have any Ranch Doritos and where’s the freaking remote?

3.   Why do I have to do it?  I did all of it by myself last week when Bella (sister) was at that soccer tournament.  That’s not my fault.  She's gonna have to cut the back yard.  Do you see my eyes?  You’re so mean. (Cough)

2.  I have to go to Mary-Alexander Margaret’s house to give back her earphones because she’s got the most important game of her life and she has to warm up listening to music. (Don’t tell parental unit the game is tomorrow)

And the #1 excuse - I have to shop online for a Homecoming dress because you won’t take me shopping for one because I have to do all these chores.

. . . Welcome to my life.


  1. I am a teenager. We don't always try to get out of chores. BTW, I have seven siblings (*GASP*), and I have to help out a lot around the house. I wake up and start the dishwasher and laundry. Then I get ready for school, and then I help my siblings get ready for school (the youngest is one, and my 35-year old mom is expecting ANOTHER!!) Then I go home and unload the dishes and dry them, then fold laundry. I help my mom make supper (she's eight months pregnant and can't do much), and then do my homework. I eat dinner and then help my siblings with homework. My younger sister, the one right below me in age, is ten years old. I know the age differences are weird - my mom had me when she was twenty one, and then when she was twenty six, she had my sister, who is now ten. It goes on and on, and finally, my cute little brother (age 1.) He's really cute and sometimes annoying.
    Anyways, I'm kinda mad that moms complain about their teens. We're going through crisis after crisis, this best friend dumped me, my crush doesn't like me back, I'm flunking my history classes, and stuff like that. I have a lot of burden, plus the weight of growing up on my back. Be considerate!

    1. Ahhhahahahaha. You think that is stress? wait until you’re an adult! It gets worse. Much worse.

  2. Ya these work pretty well to be honest